Maciej has been composing since his early teenage years. His pieces were performed during the Silesian Tribune of Composers and the Musical Arcades Festival. The 'Distant nocturne' op.30 was premiered during the Levoca Piano Festival in Slovakia. His 'Requiem' op.36 was performed by the Cunninghame Choir in June 2015 during the Glasgow West End Festival. A suite for piano, four hands, titled 'The Magic of Atlantis', was commissioned and performed by The Scholtes-Janssens Piano Duo for the PianoDuo festival Amsterdam in 2017. His latest work is a commission for the Cunninghame Choir to commemorate the choir's 40th season – a large scale choral piece with a string quartet and piano accompaniment that will be premiered in May 2019 and is set to a text by a local 19th century poet, Andrew Aitken.

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List of works:

op. 1, 3 Etudes for piano

I c sharp minor

II a minor

III 'bubbles'

op. 2, Eclectic Concerto for piano and orchestra (two piano version)

op. 3, Autumn Leaf – a poem for piano and strings

        ded. to Agata Mendziuk

op. 4, Static Trio for viola, piano and vibraphone

I Moderato lento e molto semplice

II Adagio lento e mesto

III Largo e molto semplice

op. 5, 3 Etudes for piano

I c sharp minor

II b flat minor

III e flat minor – ded. to Justyna Magdziarz

op. 6, Emo-Ikon for piano

op. 7, Valse for piano

op. 8, KATH-IS-ARS for piano

op. 9, 3 Etudes for piano

ded. to Tomasz Kamieniak

I 'con quasi echo'

II f minor

III a minor

op. 10, 2 Nocturnes for viola and piano

op. 11, Transposition and Translation for soprano, piano and vibraphone

op. 12, Dialogue for Two Pianos Without Souls

op. 13, Parallel Pulsations for two violins and piano

op. 14, 3 Etudes for piano

I 'separative thoughts'

II 'cloudless picture'

III F sharp major

op. 15, Two Preludes for piano

         ded. to Karina Komendera

op. 16, Mirror for two sopranos and two pianos

op. 17, 3 Songs for voice and string quartet after J. Iwaszkiewicz poems

         ded. to Bożena Wojciechowska - Karbownik

op. 18, Unisono for piano

op. 19, String Quartet

ded. to Hanna Marzyńska

I Rustico

I Feuille d'album

III Perdendo - fugue

IV Rondo

op. 20, Study of Confusion for piano quartet and soprano

op. 21, 3 Etudes for piano

I 'cold store'

II 'interior'

III 'bilocation'

op. 22, Medea, the Lonely for string quartet

op. 23, End Credits for bassoon, piano and viola

         ded. to Marek Kukla

op. 24, Valse for piano and orchestra

                 ded. Joanna Domańska

op. 25, Knight's Suite for piano, four hands

ded. Maria Rozalia Wilczek

I Fanfares

II Song of a Princess

III Dance

IV Court Embroideress

V Tourney

VI Fanfares

op. 26, Sonata for two pianos

ded. to Laura Pauna and James Redfern

I Largo e mesto

II Moderato

III Lento

op. 27, Lamentation for viola and piano

         ded. Danuta Adamska

op. 28, Sonata for piano

ded. to Philip Martin

I Polychromatic – Moderato

II Monochromatic – Lento

III Chromium – Agitato

op. 29, Preludes for piano

ded. to Maria Polakowa

I Moderato

II Presto quieto

III Adagio

IV A piacere, recitativo

V Andante semplice

VI Vivo, molto agitato e tempestoso

op. 30, Distant Nocturne for piano

         ded. to Tomasz Kamieniak

op. 31, Concert-Suite for piano and orchestra

ded. to Martina Filjak

I Prelude – Moderato

II Fugue-Aria – Largo

III Dance – Vivace

op. 32, Evening Suite for piano

ded. Jonathan Plowright

I Prelude to Imaginations – Moderato sostenuto

II The Defective Aria – Andante rubato

III Dance of Eyelids – Allegretto

IV The Imaginary Aria – Moderato rubato

V The Unkind Epilogue – Allegro moderato

op. 33, 12 Preludes for piano

 1 for Jonathan Plowright

 2 for Joanna Domańska

 3 for Cara Hesse

 4 for Maria Mannikko

 5 for Sinae Lee

 6 for Salvatore Moltisanti

 7 for Jonathan Plowright

 8 for Philip Martin

 9 for Laura Pauna

10 for Tamara Licheli

11 for Chie Sato Roden

12 for Salvatore Moltisanti

op. 34, Flowering Structures for flute and orchestra

ded. to Blanka Borkowska

I Myosotis scorpioides

II Convolvulus arvensis

III Solidago gigantea

op. 35, Second Lamentation for harp solo (for the left hand)

           ded. to Ewelina Brzozowska

op. 36, Requiem for mezzo soprano, mixed choir, string quintet and piano

in memory of my aunt Bożena Łanowska

with poetry by C. K. Norwid

op. 36a, Two songs for medium voice and piano after C. K. Norwid 

                     ded. to Laura Margaret Smith

op. 37, Fiasco for harp solo

           ded. to Ewelina Brzozowska

op. 38, The Magic of Atlantis - a fairytale for piano 4 hands

           commissioned by the Scholtes & Janssens Piano Duo

op. 39, Three Scottish Songs for mixed choir and piano

           commissioned by the Eastwood Choral Society

1 Vair me o

2 Birks of Aberfeldy

3 Will ye go, lassie, go

op. 40, The First Toll for mixed choir, string quartet and piano

           commissioned by the Cunninghame Choir

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