I'm a lazy person when it comes to writing things down as you can see, and I'm very sorry for not posting here anything for the last months. Truth is I was extremely busy and in a rather difficult circumstances as well.

Anyway, that was a very good time as well.

I took part in the Lieder Competition at the RCS together with a hugely talented Klaudia Korzeniewska. Klaudia chose a great set of songs and we got commended and I received the Best Accompanist prize. Not bad :)
Then it was the Glasgow Piano Festival and I played in the Multiple Pianos concerts, first at the RCS and next in Glasgow's Merchant Square - a very unusual experience, watching up to 15 pianists playing together on Yamaha's digital pianos but not hearing a single sound. You had to ask for some headphones to enjoy this, rather exotic, music. Hopefully I will get a recording from the RCS's evening and post it on my soundcloud. The piece I played in is by Italian composer Zeno Baldi and is titled Marmonda. Very interesting stuff :)

I have to mention that I had the great luck to see RCS's production of Britten's 'Rape of Lucretia' with Laura Smith singing the main role. It was a truly amazing experience which I wasn't expecting at all. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of opera in general and I came mostly to listen to my friend but I left the hall with tears in my eyes and barely holding it together. The whole cast did an amazing job, however it was Laura whose singing and acting skills made me feel like I was a part of that pain Lucretia was singing about. Breathtaking!

Seems also that my huge adventure with Germaine Tailleferre's beautiful music is coming to a climax. The last half a year has been a never-ending, but so fun and enjoyable, work on her compositions. The concert is coming soon. Have a look on the next post.