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delayed news

Posted by Maciej Granat on Saturday, March 31, 2012, In : Other 
I'm a lazy person when it comes to writing things down as you can see, and I'm very sorry for not posting here anything for the last months. Truth is I was extremely busy and in a rather difficult circumstances as well.

Anyway, that was a very good time as well.

I took part in the Lieder Competition at the RCS together with a hugely talented Klaudia Korzeniewska. Klaudia chose a great set of songs and we got commended and I received the Best Accompanist prize. Not bad :)
Then it was the Glasgow ...
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New pictures

Posted by Maciej Granat on Sunday, November 20, 2011, In : Other 
Some new, great pictures done by Finera Bueno Bengochea are now available in the gallery section. Enjoy!
Thank you very much, Fina :) Fantastic experience in the Kelvingrove Park.

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